11 March 2012

We have a pumpkin...!

...Actually there are at least five pumpkins growing, but this is the biggest one at the moment.  I know they are supposed to be the easiest thing in the world to grow, but I've never had the space before, so this is my very first and I'm very excited!

There are also masses of flowers and as soon as the sun came out, the bees were into them.  There were four bees in the trumpet of this pumpkin flower, as well as the one on the petal.  Obviously something pretty good in there!  Pumpkin flowers seem quite similar to zucchini flowers, except a big larger and stronger. It would seem to make sense that they would be perfect to stuff like zucchini flowers, but I've never seen it done anywhere.  Has anyone ever tried it?


  1. Who says pumpkins are easy?! I have tried two years in a row and failed. Like you, I would be very excited if I grew a pumpkin. I haven't given up though. There's always next year.

    How wonderful that you can grow your kitchen garden with your family in the country. I'll look forward to reading how it goes.

  2. Looking forward to reading the update on the new chickens!