04 March 2012

This Week in the City Garden

What a crazy week it's been.  We've had three days above 35 degrees C, followed by four days of almost continuous heavy rain.  I'm certainly feeling confused by it all, but going out into the City Garden this morning, the plants couldn't be happier!  The garden is looking so lush and green, and everything has survived remarkably well.

It's all about growth this week.  The cavelo nero and silverbeet seedlings are coming along well, although I'm fighting a constant battle with blackbirds who love to dig up the garden bed and keep kicking the silverbeet seedlings over in the process.  I've had cardboard covers around them, but today swapped them over for larger, stronger covers. The cavelo nero is very happy under a mesh screen that protects it from the birds, sun and cabbage moths, but is nearly too tall for the screen now, so a task for this week will be to build something higher.  The beans have been in two weeks are doing fabulously.  I decided on a bean crop this autumn instead of broad beans, which will be planted heavily in the Country Garden, and which I only ever have space to grow a few of in the City Garden.

The early tomatoes have just about finished now.  I also put in some late season tomatoes, which are now starting to fruit.  These are the first tomatoes I've grown from seed (a mixed heritage pack, so I have no idea what I'm going to get!) and I'm having mixed success.  They have been very slow to grow, and a couple of them haven't made it through the hot weather.  Given that I'm only ever going to grow a few tomato plants each season, I suspect choosing healthy seedlings may be a better strategy in future.  I have had several discussions with people about the generally bad tomato season this year however (although apparently the Country Garden is the exception!), so perhaps it's not just me.  Has anyone else had similar experiences with tomatoes grown from seed?

Apart from that, the herbs seem to be loving the crazy weather, and the lemon tree is weighed down with  fruit (by the standards of my poor lemon tree that is in a pot in a fairly shady spot, courtesy of the last owners of the house) and the first ever limes are growing slowly on the lime tree.

Green Provider beans 
I'm not sure how these babies survived this last week, but
even though they are looking a bit wobbly, they seem to
be quite healthy!
The cavelo nero seedlings have definitely benefitted from
their mesh protection (the weeds seem to like it too - another
task for this week...!)
Lots of lemons to come 
And the Crepe Myrtle has nearly finished flowering for
the year, it must be autumn.

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