04 February 2012

This week's harvest

Finally, our first raspberries!  They really do taste best picked and eaten straight off the bush...!!

Yesterday I dug up the last of the potato plants.  We got 7kg in 1m2, which we were very happy about (refer previous posts about our slight obsession with new potatoes...!)  This last year we planted about 3m2 of potatoes in two goes.  This coming year we will definitely be finding space to plant more and will try to stagger the planting more to extend the harvest season.  


  1. tell me everything I need to know about growing raspberries please!
    T xx

    1. Hmmm... not sure I have any answers really...!
      I do know that they prefer cool conditions. We planted ours in the shade of a tree in an open area that gets cool summer breezes if there are any. And by luck, not good planning, the corn this summer is also shading them a bit.
      Ours are in a wine barrel, so containers seem to be OK, but they are happier now in summer with dry feet but regular watering, rather than in winter and spring when they got too much rain and the container was always a bit damp. A few extra holes in the barrel helped a bit too.
      Apart from that, they grow quite tall, so will need staking (which I haven't done yet) and protection from birds and vineyard visitors eating the fruit. Birds are easy, but I haven't managed to solve the people problem without seeming really rude!
      Good luck and let me know if you've got any great raspberry recipes! T x