24 February 2012

This week in the Country Garden

The sunflowers are out and both the bees and humans
are loving them!

These radish seedlings were planted as seed 7 days ago
 - it's always nice to see some fast progress in the garden!

And speaking of fast progress... the pumpkins are doing
what all good pumpkin plants should do: taking over!!

Some more of the fabulous corn harvest.
These are so good we ate them raw in salads last week.

A very successful harvest from the strawberry patch...
I traded some excess strawberry plants for zucchini
home-grown by the vineyard manager!

And you thought keeping pests out of a home garden is
difficult, this is pest control at a whole other scale!

But it's worth all the effort.  Vintage starts next week
and the fruit is looking great!

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